Spider Vein Treatments

Spider Veins Creams & Treatments

Get Rid of Spider Veins!!

Fade, clear and remove Spider Veins, Thread Veins & Varicose Veins with Vitamin K, Phytotonine and Aloe formulations!

Help repair and heal broken, dilated capillaries quickly and safely without expensive procedures or laser treatments.  The ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) estimates a single removal treatment averages $350 in clinics!
Prescription-strength creams enriched with Vitamin K and Phytotonine proven to improve wall strength, reduce blood seepage into surrounding tissue, and improve valve function.
Helps improve valve health and performance while clearing threading, stopping bleeding, coagulating and clearing spider veins on the legs, nose and face.

Solutions and Alternatives to:

  • Sclerotherapy & saline injections
  • Laser treatment
  • Matrix GLA or MPG
  • Venous K-1 or K-2 deficiency
  • Valve or wall dysfunction
  • Non-invasive healing of bruising, scar reduction, rosacea
Finally, there is a natural remedy for spider veins. A unique cream that seals off the blood vessels to heal spider veins. Get rid of them forever with Capiderm Cream. No surgery or pain! Just Results with weeks of use!

Spider Veins (also known as Telangiectasias and sunburst varicosities) can pop-up at the worst times such as after pregnancy, strenuous exercise or standing over long periods.


Sometimes they don't need a reason. But the real questions what can be done about them. Saline treatments hurt and they don't last. Lasers for varicose and spider veins don't work.


Now there is a cream that will seal off the vein to heal the veins. A long term solution that heals spider veins and works extremely well for varicose veins as well!


StriMedix®-K Professional Strength Vitamin K Cream

StriMedix®-K from Regenval Labs is a professional strength formula, 7% pharmaceutical-grade Vitamin K and Phytotonine® - both clinically shown to clear coagulated blood in capillaries and increase wall and valve performance!
StriMedix®-K natural ingredients have a synergistic effect that stimulates epithelial growth and promotes healthy granulations and clarification of the damaged skin - providing an alternative to Sclerotherapy and saline injections or laser therapy.
StriMedix®-K Before & After Treatment
Spider veins before treatment Spider Veins before treatment
Helps eliminates spider veins on legs(dilated or broken capillaries) and bruising for many people with continued use. For almost everyone, it reduces diffuse background redness and markedly speeds up bruise and scars healing times as well.

Originally designed several years ago for cosmetic surgeons who still use it for pre & post operative treatment to reduce post operative bruising, swelling, to speed up the healing process and to diminish scarring.

StriMedix®-K has the highest concentration of vitamin-K with over a full 7% USP Vitamin K and soothing essential oils that help to deliver the key ingredients deep into the skin where the veins are found. A top seller for us!
Contact us with any questions that you might have regarding vein problems including those on your face, nose, body and even those on your hands.
We offer a complete product for getting rid of spider veins on legs and varicose veins. Remember that excess weight can lead to spider veins in the legs and in the face. We suggest A good weight loss solution to keep stress off of the legs and prevent spider and varicose veins.